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Contact our local team for junk removal, construction site clean ips, hoarders clean-outs and anything else we can help you with. We're here to help you get your home, garage, yard or office back organized.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of junk in Crestone?

You can always bring your junk, debris or other trash that needs to be hauled away to the Saguache County landfill and recycling center or hire someone like us to come and dispose of it.

How much is junk removal in Saguache County?

Junk removal prices typically range from $100 to $800 for our normal type of jobs. Hoarder clean-outs, trashed tenant removals, or other larger jobs can vary.

How do you dispose of a mattress in Crestone?

We offer mattress disposal services or you can rent a dumpster from Conley Waste Management if you have more trash you want to get rid of on your own without any help.

What do you do with old TVs or appliances?

You should consider listing them on Facebook Marketplace or in some of the local Saguache and Alamosa County Facebook groups if they are still useable. We can come pick up any that need to be throw away.

How do I get rid of a sofa in Saguache County?

The dump will accept sofas, or again, consider giving any useable furniture away on Facebook. Crestone Junk Removal can assist taking any old furniture away that needs to be disposed.

What is included in a hoarder house clean out?

First, we will come in and assess the home. Next, we'll remove all the trash using our professional junk removal crew and equipment. Finally, we can connect you with trusted contractors and cleaners from Crestone Means Business.

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